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AM娱乐平台官网大雪,是农历二十四节气中的第21个节气, 标志着仲冬时节的正式开始。这个时期,因雪量大、范围广,故名大雪。古人云:“大者,盛也,至此而雪盛也。”此时,天气更冷,降雪的可能性也逐渐增多。一场大雪,对于世间万物,都有着不同的意义。

The Great Snow is the 21st solar term in the 2lunar calendar’s 24 solar terms. It marks the official beginning of midwinter. In this period, a large amount of snow and its wide range made it dubbed Great Snow. In ancient times, people said,“Great meansvast and strong, and so far, snow is great.” At this period, the weather becomes colder, and the possibility of snowfall gradually increases. Heavy snow,to all things in the world,has  differentmeanings.


The folk proverb, “Auspicious snow indicated a good harvest,” is not an unfounded saying. When snow covers the land, it creates a good wintering environment for crops. Snow is rich in nitrogen compounds,aboutfive times as much as ordinary rain. Once the snow melts, it increases the soil moisture content and promotes soil fertility.


AM娱乐平台官网At this time of the year, Yin is at its peak. Once the peak declines, Yang has sprouted. Therefore, every time the Great Snow solar term passes, many animals start their courtship. As the saying goes, “When the snow comes, tigers begin to mate.” It means that tigers and other kinds of animals will look for their respective mates. In the world ofsilversnow, the green mountains areclad in white, and the king of the mountains reigns to show its majesty.


Animals havedistinctivelydifferentfeelings for snow. One proverb says, “Comes the snow, dogs are happy, but the sparrows are mad.” Dogs like snow. It is said that snow covers the scent of other dogs. It is not easy to find a “new world” with no owners. Dogs take the chance to expand their territories and enjoy themselves all over the land. On the other hand, sparrows do not like snow as the grain is buried under it.


AM娱乐平台官网Though people have mixed feelings towards snow, praisehas been still the major sentiment  since in ancient times. Sun Kang of Jin Dynasty was fond of learning when he was young.His family was poor. He had no lamp oil and so he alwaysstudied during winter nights when the snow made the room brighter. Later generations used the idiom “reading in the snow-light” to describe diligence and hard studying.


Some people believe snow is theelfof winter. Its arrival makes the earth quiet and peaceful. It turns mountains cold and straight, and the flowers of icicles reach its full bloom.In such a wonder world with snow-capped mountains and rivers, the elf comes for a date with all thingson earth.


Do you expect snow to arrive this year?